With a style as unique as its members are diverse, Mosaic Foundation is forward thinking reggae that stays true to the roots. Formed in 2009 and based in the Finger Lakes region of New York, the band has grown a loyal following, thanks to electric live performances and three studio releases. Blending roots, ska, dub, dance-hall and beyond, Mosaic is an exploration in reggae that is pushed to the limits and sometimes spills over. With lyrics that inspire dancing in the moment, and activate the mind in reflection, the songs encourage positivity, sustainable living and community.

Mosaic Foundation are:
Lead vocals/percussion: Yao "Cha Cha" Foli"
Guitar: Michael Corey
Drums/backing vocals: John-Paul nawn
Bass: Aaron Sprague
Guitar/keyboards/backing vocals: Ken Luk
Sound/Dub: Zach Dumrese
Keyboards: Lucius Snowden
Percussion: Kingsley Pipim